Thursday, September 2, 2010

Santa Paula Show and More (:

Sandbox Heroes left Los Angeles last Friday to embark on a creative retreat at Santa Paula. Meeting up with my good friend in the whole wide world Andrea an amazing artist from Santa Paula. It was a great experiencing for us to be in a different city showing our art and hanging out with talented artist and exchanging ideas.
This amazing breakfast was made by Andrea on the morning we arrived only made for extra special people it was as delicious as this photo I took of it. I have to thank Grandma Tita for letting us stay at her house it was a beautiful house filled with art and garden was absolutely gorgeous.
It was great creative environment with a lot culture and history. It really recharged my creative battery because I left with so many good ideas and more appreciation for an artist community and what can be accomplish when we come together. The show was Saturday night it was at the Universalist Unitarian Church and it was called "ARTE POPULAR DE SANTA PAULA FUNDRAISER" the money was going to a mural to be painted at Gil's Market.
This is the location where the mural will be and I believe its a perfect place to put a community mural because the location is passed daily by children, parents, and commuters. Its a special location with a lot of history by being the first market in middle of raza populated area. Its very inspirational location to but up a mural that can lift the spirits of the community. I hope enough donations are given Arte Popular de Santa Paula so they can make this mural a reality. Later on I will post a donation button so you can donate to this amazing cause.
This is the painting that Andrea made for the show and it's a painting of Gil's Market and it absolutely amazing and better in real life. So I was setting up with Jessica and I was in charge of the lights and luckily I had some light that we brought from home and other lights that were brought by Victor so I was able to create a well lit area for us to be in.

So this are a few pictures of the show on Saturday and we sold out of Enkydu Plush and Dino Plush. We are now working on some new plush for those who follow our Etsy shop. We will have new Enkydu's and Dino's a soon as possible. We got so much love in Santa Paula and we were extremely happy to find homes for our plush toys. We can't wait to go back and show are new art and plush toys for the First Friday Art Walk in October. I have a sneak peak of the new work being made to shown in the future or later tonight.

Here is the Munny toy I've been working on deck out as the Rocketeer and next to that is a glimps of Daniel Perez art work. We were very happy to be part of the show and it was fun helping everyone and sorry Victor for stepping on the wall a little. I forgot to say that the food that was prepared for the show was absolutely amazing because it was made entirely of healthy products. OMG the cupcakes where so good and need some right now at this very moment. I want to tank the cook for spending hours and hours preparing that food and also the clean up.
Thanks to Andrea's parents as well for letting us stay in their beautiful home it was the best sleep ever. The food was amazing as well and I'll get faster at cutting baby carrots. It was so much fun watching movies like "Big" and "Beetlegeuse". We had a great time in Santa Paula and we can't wait to go back to visit and Andrea and do more shows as well. We left inspired to create new art work and literally motivated to be healthy.
Thanks Brian for letting be part of Brandons Birthday party it was so much fun and everyone was so awesome. We really enjoyed being there and it was amazing food and the cake was cool and just WOW so thanks so much and I still have tons of photos of the Birthday Party. By the way you have such a beautiful view of Santa Paula awesome. We a mini photo shoot with Andrea and us and it was so much fun because all the building are colored so brightly it was awesome so here are a few pictures from that photo shoot.

Yeah a little sneak peek of our photo shoot soon to be on here and our Etsy. So thanks again Andrea for taking our pictures with that cool camera. No trip is not complete without going to the beach or the pier so here are some pics of that. It was awesome even do it made me nervous knowing that there was ocean under me since I can't swim. I will learn to swim so that I could use that to work out. By the way I lost 6 lb so I went from 278 to 272 and I hope by next week i hit the 260's and below.
Yeah it was a awesome experiencing and we can't wait to do more art work. More to come this is the biggest blog I've ever done so get ready for more blogs and more art so "Affordable art for the Masses"

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