Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Designs (Enky Revolution)

Hello Enkyskull fans It's been a while since I've written in my blog but now i will start posting new updates. If you want to check out my other blog go to you can see more of my art work and up coming shows. I have been busy creating some new Enkydu's designs for the shows and the stores. Here are a few new designs that I made and I hope you guys enjoy it. 

Here are my Enky TMNT "Cowabunga Dude" I'm a big fan when it comes to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever since I saw the cartoons and tried to collect the toys. I wanted to pay homage to my favorite characters and like Vanilla Ice said "Go Turtles Go Turtles GO" .
I introduced them at the Pink Parlour Show and here are the pictures of that show. They are currently for sale at The Flock Shop in China Town so if you want these limited edition TMNT Enky's go visit the Flock Shop you can also place an order there for more.
In other news the material i used to make the Enky-Vaders has ran out at the store where i bought it at. It was a one time deal so whoever bought an Enky-Vader at the shows or at the stores is very lucky because Series 3 sold out at the Pink Parlour. Series 1 Enky-Vaders can be found at the Brat Store in Santa Monica and there is only one left. One series 2 Enky-Vader is at Enid and Edgar in Silverlake. So if you didn't get Enky-Vaders please go to this places and buy them. Thanks to everybody that bought a Enky-Vader.

Here is a new design which is my Enky Tron " I fight for the user!!!" I'm only going to make four of them because I'm using the same material as the Enky-Vaders and I only had enough for four. I will make them this weekend during the spring brake time.
In other news I'm going to start making some Star Wars Enky's here is Enky-Troopers "Dark Side" its going to be a fun brake as i bring these clones to life.
Here is Enky-Fett and this one is going to take a while tomake but once it is done its going to be epic so I hope you guys are ready for the Enky Star Wars Series.
Lastly i'm making some blank Enky's for the Designer Series in which artist who are interested in customizing one can just E-mail at for more information.
I will keep people updated on new designs and shows so thanks for reading