Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Long Beach Experiment 2 show at The Cellar.

This time around I actually brought my camera and was able to capture some great bands and some awesome art, so thanks again to Efren for letting us show at the Long Beach Experiment it was a joy and tons of fun. The Cellar is an awesome bar on Broadway and Promenade, and has the best sound from any bar or club that I've been too. All the performances where absolutely amazing I enjoyed them very much.  The Cellar is such a great environment to sit and hangout with friends. Listening to great music, talking to nice people, and just taking in all the art. So please join us again not this upcoming week but the week after at The Cellar we can get a beer and chill.
Let's get to the entertainment for the night first up is Billly who surprise me by singing in Spanish for his opening song and it was excellent. He was very funny and had some great songs and comedy in his act. I had to sing along to his medleys. My favorite song was the Lady Ga Ga song Bad Romance in the style of  Johnny Cash.  Here is some video that I took of that.
If you cannot see this video you can see on my Youtube page                            
Its really funny and I love it so please enjoy the the music. I'm not sure is he has a Myspace page or facebook so if you want to look him for other shows check those places first.
 The second band of the night was The Dharma Bums from The city of Bell California. They were awesome on stage I was rocking to all the songs when they where up on stage. I even forgot that i was showing my art and trying to sell. I wanted to buy a CD or find out where they are performing next (Hell I want them to play at my wedding) that how much I liked them. Here are two songs that I was able to record live from The Cellar.
The lead singer the one in the striped shirt was dancing all over the place it was awesome. If for any reason you cannot see the video's on top here are there links from my Youtube page
If you enjoy this band as much as I did and my friends did here is the links to there Myspace music page and Facebook all the information about the band is there and how to contact them, upcoming shows, Down loadable music and all kinds of fun facts you will find on these pages.
So as you can see i did my homework on this band so please join their Myspace and Facebook page and enjoy there next upcoming show.
As the night progress three other music artist took the stage but I didn't get their names because people began talking to me about art work but here are some pics of the other artist that performed on this night.

They where all good and the last band of the night was The Holic Wild and their performance was excellent as well. I would had recorded some video but my camera was running low on battery and memory but here are some pics of their performance.

Now to our set up and new art plus our friend Elsy who joined us tonight and had some new plush to exhibit. She sat right next to us and had a great little set up with all her shirts, plush, and key chains ready to sell. As for me and Jessica we brought something special for this show it was the Dino Ponies that Jessica made. Here are the pics that I took of all of us at the show.

As you can see we had a lot of room for us and comfy seats for us to be able to talk and draw in. So these are some of the drawing that I did this night since i had white paper and tons of markers.

 So hopefully one these days I will be able to play Dungeons and Dragons with Stefan Varner who is one of our friends  boyfriend  (Jackie Alverez). I've been developing my D&D character Carlos the Level 32 Lucha Elf that commands an army of Panda Cholos from the classy Ghetto and his special moves are "The Heavenly Elbow Crush:" which leaves his opponent stun and low to the ground for the "Back hand of Hell" a demoralizing move in which Carlos bitch slaps you with the back of his hand (Pimp Style) you just been BITCH SLAP by an Elf. Take that

 I've been wanting a Jet Pack forever and hope to get one soon but in the mean while i could dream.
Yes the show was awesome like always and we really enjoyed it and like i said we are not doing next weeks Long Beach Experiment but the week after that.  Our upcoming shows are this Friday October 1, 2010 at City of Santa Paula Ventura First Friday Art walk. Andrea Vargas will let us exhibit our art and plush toys at her art studio in Santa Paula. We will be joined by Elsy Mendez that day and Chance who will be either 3D modeling demo or sculpting Demo special for Art walk Santa Paula. Plus we have the Vee's Cafe on October 15, 2010 and I will post reminders on that. One special show will happen October 7-10 at 24th Street Elementary where will be presenting our art work for exhibition only for three days. I will post more information on that for opening night. Other than that Jessica and I have decided to come up with an Art book for next year February we will work hard to put the best of the best from our sketch books and digital art work so keep on popping by for more info on that. I want to say thanks again to Efren and Steven for these wonderful show and also for their amazing opening of there art exhibitions. I will write again about the Santa Paula show good night guys.

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