Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sneak Peak (Jessica's first Exhibition)

For anyone that is fallowing our blog or just checking out our work you should know that on Friday Jessica half of Sandbox Heroes is having a show. Jessica has been working non stop to finish her amazing art work inspired by both nature and lucha libre (spanish wrestling). She has stayed up late almost every night putting details on her paintings. If you go on Friday you will be able to see us there and you can see the finish paintings. I can't wait to go because its going to be amazing music, food, drinks, and art. So please RSVP at and check out the Alborde's Acoustic Session and Art Show and come out this Friday for free Jack Daniels hehehehehe but come out and support the artist and musicians because it will be amazing.
Let's get the art
"Chupaflores de colores" is one of the new painting by Jessica and it's gorgeous and you should see the sketches they are as cool as the painting itself. I really want to come out with Sandbox Heroes Art book and have our sketches and work that we do in it. So please check in on that as we come out with our first book Enky's and Dino's "the art of Sandbox Heroes". I've been working on our logo which will be revealed here tomorrow as I finish. Oh yeah the new Logo for us

"La Mariposa Nocturna Polilla" this painting is 2' x 4' so it's a pretty huge painting and absolutely beautiful to see and this is still being work on as I write this. I can't wait to see the finish painting and of coarse their is a third painting that will only be seen at the show so if you are curious about the third painting come out this Friday and find out for yourself. We will be their showing this amazing work so please support the art world and come out.this Friday. I still haven't finish the wall that I'm doing but it's coming along great pictures will posted soon as I finish it up. So thanks for reading and see you on Friday.

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  1. oh m d.....jerms and I love it jesse. Great work...Oh m d...that is sooooo good...i love it. I want it..hahahahaha