Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rocketeer ME

I have been doing this project for three years ever since I bought my first Munny Vinyl. I always begin to do it and get distracted by life either it was school, personal life and of coarse lazy Sundays. I grabbed this project by the horn these two days and began to mold it again. I'm almost finish and I'm proud of myself because I finally see it done instead of it in pieces in my studio.I decided to go with a vintage look for this Rocketeer and my face which makes it extra special. It took me a pretty good chunk of today to finish. Yeah dieting SUCKS the sugar rush is gone and the excessive eating is gone so finding energy is tough. I'm getting into the swing of eating healthy but my tummy is still growling. Enough of my diet lets get to this Rocketeer and it sucks the song "I'm Hungry Like a Wolf" just came on DAMN YOU iPOD. Here are some pics of the new or old Rocketeer project.
All I need to do now is coated so it doesn't get scratch and do some small details here and there and I'm done finally. I'm going to eat a cookie I deserve it.

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  1. Great paint job. You are getting better. I am tell the world about your site. Get ready