Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rocketeer ME

I have been doing this project for three years ever since I bought my first Munny Vinyl. I always begin to do it and get distracted by life either it was school, personal life and of coarse lazy Sundays. I grabbed this project by the horn these two days and began to mold it again. I'm almost finish and I'm proud of myself because I finally see it done instead of it in pieces in my studio.I decided to go with a vintage look for this Rocketeer and my face which makes it extra special. It took me a pretty good chunk of today to finish. Yeah dieting SUCKS the sugar rush is gone and the excessive eating is gone so finding energy is tough. I'm getting into the swing of eating healthy but my tummy is still growling. Enough of my diet lets get to this Rocketeer and it sucks the song "I'm Hungry Like a Wolf" just came on DAMN YOU iPOD. Here are some pics of the new or old Rocketeer project.
All I need to do now is coated so it doesn't get scratch and do some small details here and there and I'm done finally. I'm going to eat a cookie I deserve it.

Late Night work and Working Out

I'm working late yet again on my Vinyl toys and getting some new ideas for a paintings as well. Listening to Weezer as I pick up the paint brush and do some detail on my Rocketeer Munny that I made. Its nice and quiet and dog hasn't barked once at imaginary things in the yard. It was a pretty good day today as I traveled to Long Beach for the weigh in for the Biggest Loser competition. No I'm not an extremely Fluffy person or as Gabriel Eglesia's would say "OH HELL NO" i'm pretty average. The winning team wins 50 grand which is awesome my team is awesome we are called 'TEAM VENTURE" and I got running gear to the colors of the Monarch. I want to be healthy so I wanted to something like this for a long time and money is a great motivater. I got my salad and my gatorade in the fridge now I'm ready to run with my iPod that has my running songs. It's been a very inspirational day and I can't wait to hit the roadwork tomorrow in the morning.
In other news I just contacted a great Photographer named named Jeremy David please visit his website because its amazing. ( I want him to take some picture of me and Jessica to promote "SANDBOX HEROES" something cool like a Wes Anderson inspired picture with all our creations in the background. I can't wait to do the shoot. By the way Hurray for Friendship because water does not freeze in Columbia

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shows that are coming up this month and next month

Saturday · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

LocationUniversalist Unitarian Church
740 East Main Street
Santa Paula, CA

Created By

$10 Suggested Donation
Food & Beverage
Live Music ~ including LoniKate, The Clouds & more
Community Dialog
Art will be displayed by the artists involved in the project
Arte Popular de Santa Paula is a grassroots, community powered arts movement dedicated to enhancing the cultural arts in Santa Paula. Join us for our first fundraising event to hear from local artists and community members about our current community mural project at historic Gil's Market. This event promises to be a night of dialog, live music, great food and drink, and community renewal centered around the celebration of our local arts culture.
See More
This  first show is a Fundraiser and "Sandbox Heroes" will be presenting and selling art and toys this day. Its a pretty long drive and I'm literally staying the whole weekend up in Ventura to do this show and work on some new art work. It will be a nice vacation to be able to drive to a new destination and show our art work its going to be Exciting .  

This next show will be next month and my girlfriend Jessica will doing this show her name is Jessica Miranda so please come out and support it will be an awesome show and you actually have to RSVP yourself to this shoe making it extra special. Great music great art and just which is a great combination for a good time so please come out and support all the artist and meet Sandbox Heroes in person. 

"ESTYLOS COLECTIVOS" @ Al Borde's Acoustic Sessions & Art Show!! September 10th, 2010! Curated by CHATISMO! RSVP by September 9, 2010 at leave you full name, age and Zip and We will see you there

 If you can't make to any of these shows visit our Etsy shop at

Unleashing my Inner Villain

It's been quite a day of saying goodbye to a good friend and going to Toys "r" Us and seeing toys that I work on at Mattel on the shelves for the first time. It was an amazing feeling seeing it up on the shelve being admired by kids passing by. What a awesome feeling to be able to create something being sold all over the U.S. But now I'm back at home ready to finish some Blank Vinyls that I've been trying to finish for three years. I'm extremely motivated to finish these characters and hopefully show them at a show. Me and My girlfriend are having some new shows line up for this weekend and next month. I need to hurry up and finish some paintings and my vinyls.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Return of the artist

Hello bloggers how are you doing today? Hehehehe Well I'm finally out of school and doing some new work. I had a great show on Friday night at the Long Beach Bookstore and I met some incredible artist. It was a great experience and Jessica Miranda (My Girl) and I unveiled the newly formed "SANDBOX HEROES" premiering for the first time at the Book Store. We are united in bringing "Affordable Art for the Masses". Jessica and I have been working hard on bringing new art work and life to our little group "SANDBOX HEROES". We got a lot of positive feedback from everyone and it just motivated us to do more incredible work for the world. I've attached some of the photos of that night on today's blog. I'm going to be updating so much today since I haven't done this in a while so please enjoy my art and "SANDBOX HEROES"