Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Design Con and Collaboration

Hello everyone on this awesome Wednesday night from all of us here at EnkySkulls. We are now officially named Enkyskulls as you can see and we have been busy creating the new generation of Enky's and Dinos. Some other great news is that we have a booth at Designer Con 2012 where we are going to have new plush, prints, pins, and a very fun contest for some very amazing prizes. We are being join by Chelsybear (a.k.a Elsy Mendez) and Jazzo (a.k.a Jasmin Miranda) both will bring some really cool plush and prints for all of you guys to enjoy.  We will also have a D-Con Exclusive which will be a secret until one week before Designer Con 2012. So buy your tickets and come join us and the other 150 vendors with unique and special art. Designer Con 2012 will be on November 2, 2012. I will have more blogs and pictures of the process of making and Enky and Dino's.

In other news I've been working with a local artist called Kwestonart (a.k.a Chito Arellano. A amazing artist that also design our new logo for EnkySkulls so thank you very much for that. We are collaborating on some new Enky Specials based on Chito's designs. Our first Enky and Kwestonart collaboration is on this really cool Night Wing Enky that you can purchase at  you get a plush, pin, and print/canvas art.

As you can see from this picture Kwestonart is a great artist so please check out his stuff on his Big Cartel shop as well as his blog spot at He has some awesome art work that i need to buy myself. We will be working on another collaboration Plush so keep tuning in for that.

Also thank you Efrain for letting us do our show at Vee's Cafe we are very happy to be part of such a great Cafe near neighborhood. If you haven't gone we are still showing we will be up until September 22, 2012 please go support us and Vee'ss Cafe who has some amazing food at:

5418 West Adams Boulevard

  Los Angeles, CA 90016

We have some great Enky's and Dino's for sale as well as Chelsybears cup cakes and Jazzo photgraphy prints. For only a dollar you can join a raffle for a Dodger Stadium large Photo print so if you a a fan of the Dodgers enter the raffle to win.

Like always we have our plush at Monkey House Toys located at:

2874 Rowena Avenue

 Los Angeles, CA 90039

and Flock Shop starting again this Saturday:

943 North Broadway 

Los Angeles, CA 90012

In the awesome China Town District.

So thank you everyone for reading and hopefully we can see you at Designer Con 2012 or at Vee's Cafe. Please support the stores and Kwestonart (a.k.a Chito Arellano) have a nice night, morning, or after noon.

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