Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ventura Art Walk Show at Ceria and Upcoming Show this month

 I just got home today after an amazing show in Ventura at Ceria during the Ventura art walk. Thanks to Andrea and Willie for letting us be part of this show on Friday. We left Friday afternoon and we were joined by Elsy and Chance on this adventure out of Los Angeles. We have so much fun driving up to Ventura as we sang,danced, and went shopping. The Red Baron (2001 red Chevy Venture) had no problem getting us to the show as Jessica took the steering wheel on this adventure. Here are some fun pics
When we got to the venue at main street Ventura the shop called Ceria was awesome it was something new with some great merchandise.It look like a "Carneceria" a meat market, the merchandise was inside refrigerators it was cool here are some pictures I took of Ceria

 All the art work for this night where hung all around the shop and our toys where sprinkled around the shop. It was so cool it looked so good behind the glass and in-front of the counter. We had so much great feedback from the people from the shop and the all the people who came to see us. Thanks to the wonderful people of Ventura who came out and supported the shops and local artist.
The DJ was jamming and people were dancing and it got full of people and they had some live music playing in the store. Also thanks to Jarrito who came out and gave us some great refreshing Jarritos to drink. Out side of Ceria they had a projection of all the artist and some fun facts as well. Here are some of Andrea Vargas paintings from the show.
Now for our set up for this show we set up inside and outside Ceria.
It was the fastest set up we had and some great lighting outside Elsy stuff look good out stuff look good as well as we added some cool tags with our logo and information on it.
Dino Ponies came out to play and right behind the Rocketeer is #3 finally finish.

The shirts were folded nicely withing the shop and it they looked so nice at the store.
Goodbye DJ TROOPER you sell so well.
Yeah "I'm Sticking with you" awesome painting on sale at the next show so if you like what you see here please come to the next show.
Chance breaking another share (CURSE JACKET)

Well we had so much and thanks to Rebeca as well for letting us stay at her awesome house we slept really well. We can't wait to head up again because we still have a lot more to explore and go the beach. Thanks again to everyone that came to the show the Enky's and Dino's will be on sale at our Etsy store. If you liked the cupcakes hit up Elsy Etsy store here are the links.

Here are upcoming show for this month the first one taking place;
Saturday, October 9 at 5:00pm - October 31 at 11:00pm at
Gallery AMC
344 E 3RD ST
Long Beach, CA
A celebration of Lucha Libre culture through fine art, a group exhibition focusing on Mexican wrestling culture. We’ll be presenting legendary luchadores via Lucha Libre art and culture with iconic images such as Blue Demon, EL Santo, El Hijo Del Santo, - Blue Demon Jr.- Medico Asesino Jr - Pirata Morgan – La Autenica Parka, L.A. Park – – Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
I can't wait I love Lucha Libre this is an exciting show so come join in Long Beach for an awesome time.

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