Saturday, September 11, 2010


The "Estylos Colectivos" show curated by Chatismo and sponsored by Alborde and Jack Daniels was a great success. We had so much fun being part of this show and so many amazing artist that showed their work. It was such a great spot for Music, art work, friends, and of coarse Jack Daniel 160 Birthday.This historic building had it all this night. Endless cups of Jack Daniels and CAKE!!!!!

It was a great night with just a ton of people coming into the venue and taking in all this Music and Art work. It was a magical night and I want to thank Chatismo for inviting Jessica to do the show and I hope we can make more beautiful art together in the future. So thank you very much
It was organize so beautifully that everything just fell into place and it was so much fun going and talking to people and seeing friends that we had not seen in year. We met up with people that we didn't think would be there and it made the night even better. It was the cherry on top of all the work that we did. Here are two of my favorite pieces that I had a chance to take pictures of because the whole night was busy so to the artist that I didn't get to I apologize I love all the work at show I just didn't have time to take the pics.
 This is by Eric Valdez and made from a LP Vinyl record and acrylic "Biggie" is awesome and he had a few more up like Pedro Fernandez and Robert Smith from The Cure. It was awesome because the Pedro Fernandez one was made by cutting the record and arranging them and then painted so it was awesome.

This painting is by Douglas Alvarez its called "Chillin" and is absolutely awesome and he two others that were as fun as this one like a goat with the word "HORNY" on it and a the tiger one. I wanted these paintings so badly hopefully I can make money soon so I can buy art again. Here are a few more pics of art and just the environment that we were showing at.
So many people came and in the Jack Daniels room the DJ Carlos Metropoli was spinning 80's spanish pop and rock check out his blog at It was such a great mix that Me and Jessica sat down for a while just listening it was hit after hit. He was a great DJ and also the DJ in the Gallery room she was good as well. It was nice walking around and pumping into friends such as
Adrean (Not David like I called him) and the one and only Lily who were are good friends from LA TV but are doing better and greater things now. It was nice to see them again after 3 or 4 years and it was fun to hang out with them again.
Jessica was able to find long lost friends as well from Marcus who I wish I had taken a picture of  us with my camera but he has the pictures in his camera and Bianca. Thanks for coming out and supporting music and art. It was a blast with all of you guys around. Here is some of the photos I got of us and Jessica's work

Thank you Lisa for coming out and supporting us again and for purchasing "Reina del Quadilatero" it has found the best home with you. I can't wait to do you Art Show in December because I love doing your Arts and Craft show. Saturday we are going to watch Gremlins at a great book store in Alhambra called "Nostalgic Books" a great shop with some good selections in comics and art books. As for the musical entertainment of the night it was Gustavo Galindo up first with his dashing John Mayer looks and he rocked the stage and is the nicest person in the world. He has some kick ass stickers as well and I have like 100 of them to post around my neighborhood during my walks. Here are some pictures of the that

It was great music and people were dancing and it was so good that I would want to go see another show in the future so Lily hook it up (hehehehe). The next band that played and was also incredible was Cuevo he came in with a cool looking mask at first and it was really hard to get a picture but I did. His guitar player was cool as well so i got pictures of him as well.

His performance was great and really fun i had a blast with all this things happening at the same time. All the people that came to see this bands perform were great and loved the art work and we talked so much that my voice is horse since it was a little loud. I was still able to communicate even when it was loud. Here are some other pics
Finally their was also live art being created in the background and this guy was moving like crazy through out the night. The rhythm of the music and the energy surrounding him was beautiful. This was one of my favorite pictures of the night as he look into his painting and the lighting was right, this moment as this artist stared at his work for a brief moment. I'm glad I caught it on my camera ,Its funny because it was loud and people were around him and it looks like he is alone in his studio.
I keep repeating this but yes it was an amazing show to be apart off and please keep on checking up on the blog because we are going to post up new dates for shows that are coming up very soon and in the future. We can't wait to create again and show our work at the next show. Thanks again to Steven Amado a.k.a Chatismo for inviting us to do this show with him. I want to thank all the people that attended this fabulous show because to tell you the truth this was a good show. In other news we are still working on new things for the Etsy and hopefully soon we will have new awesome plush, shirts, paintings, and stickers to sell. Once I get the show dates and time I will post them up. So please have a nice day and don't forget "Affordable art for the masses" thanks again

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  1. Do you know where they purchased the Jack Daniels cake?