Friday, October 15, 2010

Long Beach Experiment Show #3 and sneak peeks

This is the third time that we did The Long Beach Experiment at The Cellar and again we had a blast with some extremely talented artist and DJ's. This Wednesday we had some digital art from Chance and introducing a new guest artist but more about this towards the end of this blog. Now again I want to thank Efren for inviting us to do the Long Beach Experiment once more and if you haven't heard the news there is going to be a Special Saturday Edition of the Long Beach Experiment. on October 16, 2010 from 7p.m to 1:30a.m
The Cellar 
201 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA.
So please come out this Saturday and support the artist and musicians its going to be a blast so come out. In other news come out tomorrow to the Vee's Cafe for the Very Spooky Halloween show. The Long Beach Experiment this Wednesday was covered by "562 City Life" thank you Molly Marina Haup here is the link to it if this link doesn't work try this link:
Jessica and I have to pieces of art up and we didn't do a sneak peek of the work so if you are curious of what we did come out to the Vee's Cafe and have some free Jarrito, see the art, and buy some good food from Vee's. Back to the Long Beach Experiment from this Wednesday we met some awesome artist the first one
being Eddie Jalinet who had some great art for sale and will be at the Long Beach Experiment this Saturday if you like what you see.

"The Dead of Dali" 
Oil on wood panel and framed.
"The Encounter"
This painting will be on display at the Vee's Cafe so come see it live because my pictures does not give it justice. If you want to see more art work by Eddie Jalinet check out his gallery page at
The second artist that we saw at the Long Beach Experiment and will be exhibiting and selling again this Saturday it's Juan Fransisco Estravides Peruvian artist from Long Beach.
"Pasos de Frida"
Was one of my favorite pieces the colors are amazing and vibrant and It would rock if it was up in my room. Every one's art was stunning tonight and if you like what you see check out his online gallery 
www. Plus both these artist have a gallery/shop in Long Beach on 441 E. Broadway 
Long Beach, CA. 90802 called JF. Estravides Gallery so come out and see them they have a great gift shop and will only be there until October 25, 2010 so please come out and support these artist and see the art work.
The third artist is Sam Pedraza A.k.A "Muel" his mix media art work is awesome and affordable as well original silkscreen prints and paintings. This is just a little sample of what this talented artist has he will be showing art at Vee's Cafe tonight Friday October 15, 2010 and will also be part of the Long Beach Experiment this Saturday. Here are few more pictures of his art.
"Believe the Hype"
Silkscreen on watercolor paper.
"Oil is my existence"
If you want to see more of "Muel" art check out his Flickr at and if you like anything you see contact him at or come to the shows. Here are a few other pictures of the night.
Now for our set up of the night and this timer we were close the entrance and next to bar and it was fun. Here are a few pictures of Wednesday show. 
Check out some special prints made by Chance for his vinyl series that will be introduced in November so this is just a Sneak Peek of upcoming art work.
This is Elsy Mendez happy with her food because we were all starving.
We want to say goodbye to the little painting "I'm Sticking with you" By LC
Goodbye little guy we will miss you at the shows. If you like anything we have we will be doing the Special Edition Long Beach Experiment this Saturday from 7p.m to 1:30a.m. Now for our special guest artist Jackie Alvarez

Also know as Squawberry her art work is really awesome and she will be joining us for a special show. Once we get confirmed I will post up and give you guys the information. Other than that here are some upcoming shows for November and December.
Dia de Los Muertos "Music and Art Festival" on Tuesday November 2, 2010 at:
El Gallo Plaza 
4545 E. Cesar Chavez
East L.A, CA. 90022
Show Starts at 8:30 p.m to 11p.m 
Its a free show and it all ages so RSVP at and leave Name, Email, age and zip. 
There is going to be art work, Alters, and music by La Santa Maria. Its going to be an exciting show full of surprises so add this to your calendar  and come out and support all the artist. Then on December 4th we have Lisa Pug Arts Craft Market some come buy some special handmade gifts for your love ones for the holidays. It's going to be an exciting two months of art show and craft shows. Keep on checking the blog for more updates, shows, and sneak peeks.

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