Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Lucha Libre Arte Celebrating la Cultura" Last Night Show

The Lucha Libre Arte show (Mexican Wrestling art) last night night in Long Beach during the art walk was so much fun. Jessica and I got there around 8pm and the place was booming with the great sound of the DJ inside. On Thursday we went to drop off the art work at the gallery and it needed a lot of work but Efren and Jeniffer made the place shine by Saturday it was like night and day. I want to thank them for the hard work  from painting, cleaning, and hanging the art work it was amazing.
This show took place at one of Phantom Galleries gallery space and all these galleries were open last night to the public exhibiting some great artist. They closed down streets for the Long Beach Art walk and the strip is full of galleries and creativity. Thanks to all the people who came out to see the art and also for the artist that open there doors.
Now for some pictures of the night as you can see here as you reached  Efren's gallery you can here the music and of coarse the people. All the art work that was in the show was absolutely spectacular I wanted to buy them all. You can see that everyone put there hearts into making all the art work that they created for the night.
Here is a piece called "EL Mas Cabron" by Txu Txo Perez a silkscreen on wood. This is Blue Demon one of my favorite wrestlers and yes he was a bad ass.
This is "Mascara Sagrada" By Chuymosca and this one is acrylic on canvas. Chuymosca had more painting that he made with a ballpoint pen. So much detail in them and some great Lucha Libre Wrestlers depicted in them. Here are a few pictures of his work.

 There was also prints, buttons, magnets, and key chains for sale of the art work. 
 This piece is called "Big Brotha" By Steven Amado a.k.a Chatismo. Depicting Mil Mascaras another great mexican wrestler its just stunning to look at and was another painting that i just wanted to take home and hang in my room. This is something that was happening to me through out the night I just wanted to buy everything.
This painting called "Take 5" by Cora Ramirez-Vasquez. Another example of painting that I just wanted to take home with me.
This one is called "El hijo de Mexico"By Efren Luna oil on canvas and signed by the one and only El Hijo del Santo. If you don't know who EL Santo is he is a Legendary Luchador (wrestler) from Mexico and beloved by his people.
The silver age of cinema in Mexico El Santo made some of the best movies ever that you can see over and over again absolute classics if you haven't seen one please go out and watch a El Santo movie. Back to the painting it was sign by his son who continues to wrestle and spread the name of El Santo to a new generation.
This piece is called "El Rayo" By Diego "YEYO" Aguirre depicting El Rayo de Jalisco another Mexican Super Friend of Lucha Libre. If you are reading this and want to see more you have to go visit the gallery its going to be up for about a month.
So come by and support us artist this was just a little taste of what up in this gallery. This art work is also for sale, so what better gift to give a friend or Lucha Libre fan during the holidays then an original art piece made by one of these artist. Come out and check out the art its one of a kind and you will not see another show like this until the next one By the Lucha collective. (No name has been given to the artist of this show I just made it up right now because it sounded cool)
Now for the pictures of the night and also the art that we submitted for the night. It was so much fun being part of this show because I'm a Big Lucha Libre fan since I was a kid watching it on Sunday after church with my whole family. It was some of the best memories when I was kid eating my bread in front of the T.V. with my dad while cheering for Octagon, Mascaras Sagradas, or La Parka. Playing with my plastic figures and wooden ring that my parents who got for me in Tijuana or Santee Alley in Downtown fashion district.
This is one of the pieces that I had up at the show it's called 'Enmascarado" which means "Masked". Its acrylic, Spray paint on wood and the whole background is actually made from some of the magazines that i bought in Mexico.
Here are some of the process work that went to the painting from using medium for pasting the pictures to the spray paint. I wanted it to look like the posters that they put up on walls in the streets after it has been up for a while after it has been weathered and tagged on. In the background I put the words Victoria (Victory), Tradicion(Tradition), Pasion(Passion), Honor, and Heroe(Hero) just some of the words that describe a Luchador. The second piece that I made for the show is called "El Resorte" (The Wrench)
I want to make a cool steampunk Lucha Libre series of paintings. I have two more that I'm working on as i write this.The Next one is made by Jessica and its called "Rompe Carazones" (Heart Breaker).
This painting is made of acrylic on illustration board and I framed it on a black frame that makes it awesome. Its absolutely beautiful and Jessica is working on two more of this series of "Luchadoras" so keep on reading the updates on this blog to see the sneak peeks of the new art work. Jessica also presented "Mariposa Nocturna-Polilla"
Here are some pictures of what the other galleries of Phantom galleries were showing last night.
This is just a sneak peek of what the other galleries had so if you like what you see come visit the galleries for yourself. I just notice this about the pictures that I take I always take a picture of Jessica talking to someone so here is the picture.
Also the Lucha Enky's will be for sale at the gallery so if you want a one of a kind Lucha Enky come to Long Beach and purchased them there or give me a call.
It will open through out this month so come and visit and bring some friends because its a great show. In other news come see our art work at Vee's Cafe on October 15, 2010 for the Fun and Spooky Halloween with music and live art work being made by Sandra Lopez Laguna and Cecelia Webber.
Vee's Cafe is located at 
5418 W. Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA. 90016
So please come out and support us and the artist at this show. Plus the coffee and the food is amazing so come see art and eat because you will become a fan. Other upcoming shows will be a Day of the Dead show at El Gallo Plaza on November 2, 2010 in East Los Angeles more information and flyer will post up soon on this blog so keep on Checking in for that. Thanks again to all the artist and Efren for letting us be part of the show it was really fun and a shout out for "Bowtie" 

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