Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back after a Year

Hello everyone if you hadn't notice I haven't written a Blog in about a year since I started working. Work has  taken over the time I used to have on creating the Enkydu's. Well I'm coming back and the old gang in coming with me. Please join us in August 4, 2012 for the Average Joe Push Show. There will be Plush, Paintings, live painting, and Music for our first ever solo show. 

Well be setting up in about week and we have a lot of new Plush that anyone will be able to purchase at Vees Cafe. This show will be running for a month so if you miss the Opening you can still go check out then plush and Art at Vee's Cafe for a month. Now for the fun stuff here is a sneak peek of the New Enky's and Dino's.

A new size for Enkydu and some new material for the Lucha Enky's. Jessica is working on her Dino's and Nessy's. 
Stay tune guys we will have much more to come. 

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