Monday, May 9, 2011

Making Enky's the Art of Enkydu

I've been working on Enky's for the last few week during the night. My sewing machine has been working non-stop as well. I made so many Enky's and I'm very tired, but it was awesome experience working and finishing my plush toys. It was pretty awesome weekend as well having Free Comic Book Day on Saturday and Mothers Day on Sunday. I went to the Golden Apple and Meltdown Comics on Saturday and got myself some cool comics and autographs.
This is me and David Peterson creator and Artist of Mouse Guard great guy and awesome art work so good to see some traditional drawing still happening in the comic book world. This was at Meltdown comics which also had some of the Dark Crystal puppets on Display.
At the Golden Apple they where giving away Green Lantern Rings and hot dogs which made waiting in line extra fun. I also got myself some $1 dollar comic.
This is me and Rorschach in front of the Golden Apple before we took off to Meltdown Comics. I wish I could had gone to all the Comic Book shops on Saturday but with Gas being crazy expensive it these where the closest comic books shops near my house.
 Like I was saying earlier I've been staying up all night sewing and finishing my Enky's Here are a few pictures of the process. I have a pattern that I use to trace on the fleece then cut all the pieces out and get them ready to  sew. It's a long process that I've been getting faster and faster at. A few nights ago my Sewing Machine got busted and slowed down I took it apart and oiled everything but I don't have the speed I used to have. So if anyone out there knows anybody that can fix sewing machines give me a shout out at I need to fix it because its my lively hood right now. So thanks to anyone that can help me out. In lighter news you can now purchase the Enky's that I made at the four different location.
Enid and Edgar at : 
510 1/2 n Hoover st
Los Angeles Ca 90004
They have in stock some very special yellow Lucha Enky's with red vinyl and deco. This store also carries one of three last Enky-Vaders still in stores its color is Orange so if you like what you see come out and buy some Enky's. 
Here is Series 2 of  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Enky's my homage to one of my favorite 80's cartoon. I made one complete set for the Pink Parlour Show and those sold out already. This series 2 and is only available for the last time at the Flock Shop. 
Flock Shop Located at: 
943 North Broadway, #103
Los Angeles, CA 90012
The Flock Shop is only open Friday- Sunday  
The Flock Shop also has 3/4  Enky-Troopers that I made. So please if you like what you see go to Flock Shop and purchase these one of a kind and special edition Enky's. 
Lucha Enky's have always been my favorite to make and one thing that has been difficult to use is the vinyl for the mask design. Most people always ask me how I'm able to sew them on so here is my little secret I put tracing paper on top of vinyl and sew right through it. It makes it easier and the tracing paper tears away easily without damaging anything. These wonderful Enky's are for sale at Monkey House Toys. 
Monkey House Toys Located at: 
2874 Rowena Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039
From The Shave and a Haircut show I brought my Lucha Enky's to life in plush as you can see from the below picture. 

These will exclusive for Monkey House Toys so please buy them while you can. In other New's Red Baron Kustoms is going to part of  Anime Expo this year so please come join us on July 1,2,3, and 4th at Anime Expo at the Convention Center its going to be great and I will have some new Enky's Ready. I will also have some prints for sale and I can draw any fan that buys an Enky something cool. I also want to thank Edgar Pastern for taking Enky's and Dinos to Wondercon in Aneheim last weekend it was awesome unfortunately we were not able to attend. I also want to add that the Brat Store also has Enky's for sale. 
Brat Store Located at: 
 1938 14th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

So please support local stores and artist it because of you that we can do what we do so please come out and support them by buying handmade goods. thank you so much I will update soon. 

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