Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello Enkyskull Fans

Anime Expo AX 2013 was absolutely amazing and we had so much fun looking at all the cosplayers and fans of all kinds of animation. We want to thank 3 Coconut Monkey Designs for letting us be part of their booth and we enjoyed every minute of the show. If anyone missed Anime Expo please go next year it will change you forever everyone is so kind and the fans are the best. Please check out all out pictures at our new Flickr accoun or Join our Instagram @Enkyskulls we tons of amazing pictures of Anime Expo AX 2013. 
We ran out of Plush at our Booth yesterday we just had a ton of people buying up the plush and buttons. I was on my feet all day and we had a wonderful game at our booth that kept the fans busy getting free prices. Especially our one of a kind Enky Hats that were made by Jessica as giveaways for Anime Expo 2013. We had many winners and it made us feel good seeing them go away with their new owners. 

You can also check out pictures of our plush at Giant in Day one and Two of the Anime Expo Coverage. Thank you for coming over and buying an Enkyvader. 
We also want to thank all the Cosplayers that let us take pictures of them with our Enky's. Here are a few of a favorites for more check out our Facebook page @Enkyskulls. 
(Buenas Tardis Dr Who) 
(Seiyan Man) 
We also had celebrities and Famous Cosplayers and they were so kind and great people. 
The one and only Grant Imahara from MythBusters thank you
The Beautiful Vampy she was so awesome I hope you like your Rainbow Enky. 
Instagram @vampybitme Check her out.
The awesome and Gorgeous Jessica Nigri we had packed up everything and had no Enky's available so i had to be in the picture which was awesome. Enjoy you Enky's and Shirt Jessica Nigri. 
Instagram @jessicanigri check her out. 
Moniogo by Jessica struggling with Spider-man next to our booth such a great picture. 
Alright everyone please go to our Facebook and Instagram to check out even more pictures of Anime Expo 2013. Now we gearing ip for Comic Con 2013 Enkyskulls will be sold at the Giant Robot Booth. We will have sneak peeks tomorrow of the Exclusive Plush for Comic Con 
Thank you and don't forget affordable art for the Masses and support the local economy. 

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